The Author

As implied by the heading, I a member of Generation Y (i.e. the Millennials) although my date of birth puts me right at the leading edge behind the last of Generation X, so some may place me in that cohort instead. I am a PhD student in Computational Science and Engineering with a focus on developing models in support of energy and environmental policy making. This is in many ways continuation of my time spent as a software engineer. I still sling code from time to time, but in general my preference is to move away from being a full time developer and to be more selective about projects. Outside of my primary focus I have a strong interest in economics and history.  I’m also a photographer with low productivity and unsurprisingly more of my photographs have been stolen for commercial purposes than I’ve actually sold.


The Site

This site was started in response to, well, honestly I’m not quite sure. Let’s call it a misguided hope that I will actually be able to write enough to justify its existence on the Internet and not just provide the host with another sale. Eventually it has evolved into something more of a place for me to practice my writing.

That said, the stated purpose of this site is to for myself to put various rants and ravings out on the Internet in hopes that writing for an audience means that I will actually write better… don’t hold your breath though.

  • Occasionally I will cuss, but I’m an adult, deal with it.
  • On the off chance that comments appear, this is not a “Free Speech Zone” and I reserve the right to delete comments and ban anyone. Disagreeing with me is fine though, just be an adult about it.
  • Topics will be all over the place but failing at anything I will at least try to make sure they are tagged so you know what to ignore.
  • To try and get this site to at least pay for its own hosting, I do use Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate links.