“The Millionaire Mind” by Thomas Stanley, PhD is sadly similar to what I said in my earlier review of some of his previous books: while interesting on its own, if you have read any of his previous books then there isn’t that much new information here. Much of “The Millionaire Mind” breaks down the research that the author has done over the years into the prototypical millionaire next door and what their habits and lifestyle choices are that enable them to accumulate their high net worth. A lot of territory is covered here that is just brushed past in “The Millionaire Next Door” in much more depth with entire chapters being devoted to such topics as their vocation and choice of spouse.

It should be noted that in contrast to the previously reviewed book this one doesn’t offer much in the way of financial advice. “The Millionaire Next Door” offers some pretty sage advice with regards to how to get to be a millionaire while “Stop Acting Rich” could be useful to moderate any spending habits by reminding you that what you are doing is not necessarily what millionaires are doing. This book, on the other hand, kind of reads a bit more like a biography to an extent than a financial book in any way. There are some interesting anecdotes in this book that provide for some entertaining reading and could also be useful in fortifying your courage before doing something risky (i.e. starting your own business) but anyone coming here for financial advice is going to be disappointed.

To be honest, this is a tough review to write largely because even though this book is fairly thick all it really does it cover previously tread territory in more depth. This means that it is interesting to people that what to know about any given topic, but most likely, the average reader will find the book to be quite redundant.